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About Aysem Aksoy

Born in 1970, Istanbul. Studied chemistry. Worked as a fashion designer for the textile industry for 10 years. Her passion for drawing and astrology came at a very early age. She attended Baris Ilhan’s (C.A., NCGR) astrology classes and apprenticeship programme between 1997-2002. Since 2002, teaches astrology at Ilhan Astrology Institute Correspondence Programme, and gives seminars. She is one of the founding members and vice president of NCGR-Istanbul Turkey Chapter. She has NCGR Level III Certification.​

Since 2000 she paints astrological, symbological and mythological paintings. Her expertise is especially painting personal birth charts. Also paints book covers and edits books for Baris Ilhan Publishing Company.


Painting technique:

Birth charts are painted on canvas panel with acrylic painting. Uses regular brushes, peinture relief for the lines, pearl pen and glitters.

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